Why JWC Blockchain Ventures Foster Blockchain-Enabled Payment Gateway

Although technology develops and brings people many benefits, in the same time, it brings troubles, especially those related to economics, interpersonal transactions, between organizations and between individuals and organizations are exposed to security-related risks. Transactional information can be viewed and edited by others, resulting in a variety of consequences for transactional activities. The birth of Blockchain technology is the key to the solution of the problem that so many people are concerned about. JWC Blockchain Ventures is building a new, next-generation billing tokens to address the challenges of trading. JWC brings new advances from the decentralized ledger technology that help solve inherent problems when dealing with algorithmic platforms. With peer-to-peer open source and blockchain-based applications on blockchain transactions, JWC Blockchain will operate via a user-defined smart agreement mechanism that is independent of transaction networks or constraints the users create.

Beside JWC’s token, other currencies are also accepted through the JWC’s electronic payment gateway in which users have a personal electronic wallet on the JWC Blockchain Ventures includes all types of cryptocurrencies that the user charges. You can shop directly on JWC Blockchain Ventures products without having to go through any intermediary transfers to ensure the convenience and safety of users.

How to join JWC Blockchain Ventures’ ICO?

JWC Blockchain Ventures is expected to start its ICO on January 16th, 2018, and end on February 11th, 2018.

First of all, you need an account at the JWC Blockchain Ventures homepage. After that, you can get instructions on contributing to the pre-sale as well as the crowdsale ICO. Make sure you join as soon as possible to receive the best incentives for the first community to contribute to JWC Blockchain Ventures.