Specialised Investment Fund for ICOs

ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) is becoming a popular form of “fundraising” in the sector of digital currency. An ICO is an event in which a project of digital currency or blockchain sells part of the project’s token issued to investors or whoever interested in the technology/idea of the project. And it’s a method of getting everything started, especially when some ICOs got funded with huge amounts of money in just hours, which is impressive.

Venture capital funds or hedging funds pursue the maximum growth of capital while dividend income is not the main factor. These funds invest in stocks of new companies, companies in difficulty or in temporarily unpopular sectors. Nevertheless, they may have considered riskier strategies, which are called specialized investment fund for ICOs. JWC Blockchain Ventures is a good example.

JWC Blockchain Ventures’ Strategies

JWC Blockchain Ventures’s major investment sector is the focus on developing Blockchain-enabled startups applying future technology in e-commerce. The fund has a short-term investment plan for one year starting with a total estimated capital of $30 million. With the current development of cryptocurrency, JWC fund value is expected to be $1 billion at the end of the fund life circle. This is an unbelievable number compared to traditional venture capital investment, which is a saturated condition lately.

Investment Philosophy

JWC aims to be one of the most active pre-round-A/ICO e-commerce VC in APAC and spot interesting opportunities in EU, looking for early-stage ventures in this focused vertical, providing capital, guidance and tools to make the biggest jump in value possible.

  • Two General Partners (one in EU, one in APAC) and a team of domain experts as advisors activated for each specific deal.
  • Blockchain-based startups/solutions for decentralized e-commerce ecosystem
  • Targeted number of investments: 25.
  • The fund is designed as a 6-year fund: 3 years of new investments, and 3 years of follow up investments and portfolio management.
  • Typical investment: $250,000-$5,0000,000, typical equity stake: 20-25%.
  • We are open to investing in both types of startups, those opting for VC rounds and those opting for an ICO – whichever suits the specific company and market conditions best.