JWC Blockchain Ventures Prioritizes Investment in Blockchain Startups


JWC Blockchain Ventures is providing many opportunities for start-ups with the priority to invest in future-changing technology – Blockchain.

It can be said that the biggest obstacle for start-ups is the fierce competition for funding and the cost of their businesses. Investors always consider and ask for a high chance of successful start-ups. They want them to grow to a certain level before investing money into them. So, capital can be abundant but not for start-ups. The investors indirectly dismiss creative business ideas by focusing solely on the financial figures of the start-up.

Being aware of these challenges, young entrepreneurs use blockchain solution to connect the startup community with potential investors in the market. The blockchain encryption technology born with a high application allowing transactions surpasses the capabilities of traditional currencies. It provides people a new trading method by creating a record of the asset owned recognized by people around as the way to create and maintain trust.

JWC Blockchain Ventures is currently one of the most reputable investment fund and has been involved in many sources of supply and appraisals of potential investment deals. Particularly, JWC Blockchain Ventures is planning to focus its investment in Startup Blockchain to help young entrepreneurs overcome the difficulties of accessing capital.

JWC Blockchain Ventures is open to investing in Blockchain-based startups for decentralized eCommerce ecosystem, those opting for VC rounds and those opting for an ICO. The number of investments is expected to be 25. The fund is designed as a 6-year fund: 3 years of new investments, and 3 years of follow up investments and portfolio management. Typical deal from $250,000 – $5,000,000 for 20 – 25% equity stake.